• soto banjar

    Soto Banjar

    Soto Banjar is another chicken and vermicelli soup in Indonesia that comes from Kalimantan (Borneo) province. I think every island has their own soto dish. And each soto tastes different. Soto Banjar and Soto Jawa (Javanese chicken noodle soup) are … Continue reading

  • Rempeyek


    If I have to translate it to English, we can call this rice flour crackers. Super easy to make. The only tricky part is cooking it. You just need some practice to get used to it. Once you get it, … Continue reading

  • Pangsit ungu

    Mie Ayam Ungu (Purple Noodle with Chicken)

    I’ve posted Mie Ayam (Noodle with sweet soy sauce chicken) before. But one of my friend inspired me this noodle when she made rainbow noodle for her daughter. And I’ve told you about this before, that I’m not a big … Continue reading

  • Bakso

    Bakso (Indonesian Meatballs)

    UPDATE This was one of my very first post when I started blogging. And since then I’ve been trying to find a good recipe that works for me. And I think I’ve (almost) found it. I updated the recipe below. … Continue reading

  • Birthday food

    Nasi Kuning

    Nasi = Rice Kuning = Yellow   This is one of my birthday food I made for my self. It is a tradition in Indonesia if we have something good to celebrate of, we usually make nasi kuning. But you … Continue reading

  • Empal

    Empal Gentong Cirebon

    Gloomy monday *sigh*. Been raining since last night. Very wet and cold. So I have no choice but to make something with broth again. Sorry for that though. It’s just my habit that when the weather is cold, I mostly … Continue reading

  • Risoles

    Risoles (Indonesian Croquette)

    Risoles is a small croquette, shape like spring rolls with meat and vegetables filling, covered in bread crumbs and deep fried. Apparently the word risoles comes from rissole (google told me that :P). This is one of my favourite snack and … Continue reading

  • Betutu 2

    Ayam Betutu (Balinese Roasted Chicken)

    After having a sweet week last week, now we go back to the proper food. This time is really Indonesian. And it’s from Bali. I’m pretty sure more people know Bali than Indonesia. Well, FYI, Bali is IN Indonesia. I’ve … Continue reading

  • rendang sapi

    Rendang Sapi (Beef in Spicy Coconut Sauce)

    Probably some of you already knew about this dish. It’s the most delicious food in the world in 2011 and you can read more about that here. There are tons of different recipes of rendang out there. But everyone cook … Continue reading

  • Chicken Congee (Samarinda)

    Bubur Ayam Samarinda

    Samarinda style chicken porridge if we say it in English is also one of my favourite food (I know I have lots of favourite foods) not my fault though. Indonesia has so many islands, foods, languages etc. This one however … Continue reading

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