Hot Chocolate Ice Cream

Only the third day in the new class and my brain already very hot. Yes, you heard it right. Hot brain. This new class is definitely a lot harder than my previous one. More advance grammar. Yay!

It took me a while to learn English grammar (and I’m still learning now too) now I have to learn Swedish grammar too. How fun!


chocolate ice cream

Back to our ice cream. Since my husband gave me the ice cream machine as our anniversary gift, I never buy store bought ice cream anymore. There are tons of ice cream recipes I’d like to try. This is one of them.

My family drink hot chocolate a lot. And tea. No coffee. So, if we enjoy hot chocolate a lot, why not making the cold version? Hot chocolate ice cream it is.

Once again, the basic recipe is the same as my vanilla ice cream, but for this flavour I added 3 tbsp cocoa powder. That’s it.

Oh, if you noticed the sprinkles on the ice cream. That’s my favourite sprinkles, love it! Otherwise you can grate a chocolate bar and sprinkle it on top of your ice cream. 

chocolate ice cream


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