Wife I’m a girl wife and mother. Indonesian and live in Sweden. Like to cook and bake. Like to clean and tidy the house too when I’m moody (I dunno why :-p). I have the best husband and cutest daughter in the world. So I’m feeling really lucky for that.

I made this blog to share my recipes (most of them I just made it up). Everything I wrote here are the daily foods and treats I made for my loved ones. And all the recipes in this blog worked perfectly fine for me (otherwise I will not put it up) but maybe not for you and please don’t blame me for that. Because I had to tried so many recipes too until I found the perfect one for me. Of course I’ll be happy to know if the recipes work for you too. But my intentions when I made this blog was to collect all the recipes I always use, so I don’t have to go everywhere everytime I want to cook something.

Sometimes the food might not look so pretty but if its tasted good, I’ll still post it here. If the food looks pretty but it didn’t taste very nice (for me and family) then I’ll not post it here, because I see no point on posting it if I don’t like it and don’t want to make it again :P

Might share something else other than recipe though once in a while. And I hope I can help you with my recipes.

And please DO NOT use any photos or any contain from this blog without my permission. I hope you’ll enjoy your stay in this blog



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