Semla Cupcakes & Push Up Pops

Semla cupcakes

It’s Fattisdagen (Fat Tuesday) here in Sweden. And to celebrate that the Swedes usually eat Semla / Semlor (plural). Before, you can only find semla probably around a month before the day. But now supermarkets, bakeries and cafes selling them all year long.

I’ve posted about semla here before. You can read more over there.

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Cheesy Chocolate Brownies

Cheesy Brownies

Just in time before Valentine, even thought I don’t celebrate it but this post might fit for the day. Something chocolate-ey with a hint of cream cheese.

Brownie is something I always make when I feel like baking and eating sweets but too lazy too make something so complicated. And this was the time when I have something I need to use ASAP. Cream cheese. Too little to make something that use cream cheese as the basic ingredient. So then I was browsing again until I found this recipe. I only make ½ of the original recipe. Aaaaand I had to reduce the cream cheese again. As I only have around 150g cream cheese left. That’s why the brownies look a bit weird compare to the original one :D Continue reading

Chocolate Baklava with Rose Cinnamon Syrup


It’s Monday again. Another week has passed. What did you do in the weekend? Husband and I took out our little girl to play snow on Saturday. Our flat locate on a hill, so we have lots of “slide” to choose from. I bought her snow sliding thingy. It’s her first snow sliding ever! And she really enjoyed it. Continue reading
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