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Ayam Bumbu Pedas (Chicken with Spicy Chilli Sauce)

Learn Indonesian ^^

Chicken = ayam

With = dengan, bersama

Spicy = pedas

Chilli = cabai, lombok

Sauce = saus


As I promised, this will be my last post from Eid celebration. After this you’ll get some other foods from other countries too, not just Indonesian food lol 😀

So, I’ll make this quick. Lets see the ingredients.


600 grams chicken wings (or any part of chicken you like)

1 lemon grass

4 cherry tomatoes

1 tbsp tamarind paste

4 bird eye chillies (or to your taste)

1 banana shallot

3 cloves of garlic

2 lime leaves

salt and pepper


How to:

– In a hot pan with 2 tbsp oil, half cooked the chicken until outside part is brown colour.

– Meanwhile, blitz all the spices (except lime leaves and lemon grass).

– When the chicken’s colour looks nice, move them to 1 side of the pan. Make a small room in the pan to saute the spices paste.

– Add lemon grass and lime leaves.

– Now mix everything together. Add water (enough to cover half of the chicken). Put the lid and turn down the heat into medium. Let it cook for around 15 to 20 minutes. Don’t forget to stir once in a while.

– Add salt and pepper to taste.

– Enjoy!


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