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Simple Taco

Today I have no recipe to share with you. But I still want to share what I made for quick family dinner last weekend. Taco! Yaaay!! Who doesn’t love this quick, easy and tasty meal? Er, maybe my daughter? :p

Yes, she is only 15 months and 22 days old. But I think this is the time she’s starting to be picky with her food. Have to be really clever to make a healthy food for her. As for taco, when I gave it to her, she opened the whole thing and let the filling covered the floor and eat tiny bit of tortilla, the rest joined with the filling on the floor. That’s the way she expresses her self if she doesn’t like something. Just put it on the floor :p

This taco is a bit different since my hubby doesn’t like avocado or sour cream to go with it. And I don’t like beans. So I just put things that we both like. Yeah, no wonder my girl also a bit picky, I think I know where she got that from 😀

Anyway, what I have here is pretty simple. As you can see, sliced cucumber, grated cheese, lettuce and sweet corn. Of course you can’t forget about the meat. But I just used ready taco seasoning. Easy and quick.

This should be my last recipe for this year. I hope you’ll have a great holiday time with family and friends.

Happy holiday! 🙂


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