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Laxpaj (Salmon Pie)

I have posted recipe about chicken pie before. This time I made salmon pie, everything is pretty much the same. Just the filling a bit different.

Again, my daughter quite liked this food, but she just picked the salmon cubes and left the rest on the floor (see, she has learnt the value of food :p)

This will be a short post. Because I’m planning to make strawberry cake, macaron and shortbread for my birthday celebration. ย And only less than 4 hours until my daughter home from her playgroup. So I better be hurry..

For the mixture and pastry you can check the recipe in chicken pie.


1 stalk broccoli (small cut)

200 grams sweet corn

200 grams spinach

1 red paprika (cut)

150 grams button mushroom (sliced)

400 grams salmon file (cubed)

The rest are the same with chicken pie, method and everything.

So, see you for now. Have to go to the kitchen ๐Ÿ™‚


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