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Last Monday I had “cooking class” with my girl friends. We made semla / semlor. And they forced asked me to put up the recipes in the blog. So, here I am today writing post about semla.

You see, I don’t really understand weird days they have here in Sweden. They have pie day, semla day, egg day etc. I think it’s cute and funny though :p

So, around this time now, people sell semla everywhere. Usually until march. But then after that I guess you have to make your own semla if you feel like eating it. Will be difficult to find it. Maybe bakeries have it all year but I dunno about that. I never really buy anything from bakeries. because I always told my self, why buy something expensive and you dunno how it tastes and what they made from if you can make your own?

I also got good and very nice responds from my girl friends and their husbands. They all like the semla we made together. So happy to hear that! 🙂

You can try making this too, very easy recipe. A bit time consuming but worth it!


Ingredients for the buns:

550 ml milk

1150 grams AP flour

200 grams sugar

200 grams butter / margarin, room temperature

75 grams fresh yeast / 15 grams dried yeast

15 grams cardamom (I didn’t use this)

1 egg


How to:

– Warm the milk in a microwave or on the stove. Temperature should be around 40 to 45 C.

– Add yeast in it, and let it sit for at least 2 minutes.

– In a big bowl / mixer bowl, put all dry ingredients, butter and egg. Mix all together.

– Pour the milk slowly into flour mixture. Mix everything and start kneading.

– If you use hands, it might take around 10 to 15 minutes (and you probably be sweating too :p)

– You know the dough is ready if you try to make a ball from it, it has nice and smooth surface. Then let it rest for 45 minutes.

– After 45 minutes, it’ll double in size. And you can start making small ball. Each ball weight around 80 to 100 grams. You’ll get around 30 buns from this recipe.

– Bake for 15 minutes in 175 C.


Ingredients for filling:

Now, there are 2 types for filling. Easy and less easy. Well, of course you’ll get better taste and result with the less easy one :p

For easy filling, you’ll only need 500 gram almond paste and milk (I’m not sure how much you need, just enough to make the paste a bit thinner)

As for the less easy, you’ll need pastry cream and almond paste.

Pastry cream:

2 egg yolk

40 grams sugar

200 ml milk

1 tbsp flour

1 tbs corn flour

How to:

– Bring milk to almost boil.

– Mix yolk, sugar and flour in a bowl with hand whisk until pale.

– Pour milk into yolk mixture and put back on the stove and cook until thick.

– Let it cool before you mix with almond paste.


– Take 1 bun, cut the top part a bit then scrape a bit the inside part of the bigger part of the bun. Fill the bun with 1 tsp of almond mixture.

– Add whipped cream on the top, then put back the small part of the bun.

– Sprinkle icing sugar on top. Serve.

note: Pardon the pictures, I took them last year. Didn’t have time to take pictures from the cooking class. The three last pictures are from my friend who did cooking class with me.



  1. Oouuu ini toh resepnya semla, kayanya enak yah Ridha 🙂

    Eh iya kalo Pie day, Semla day, emang ada public holiday-nya yah or cuma sekedar nama aja? 🙂

    • Mrs. D says

      hehehe Alhamdulillah yang ikut cooking class juga bilang enak 😀
      yah cuma sekedar nama aja sih, cuma ya supermarket agak2 heboh gitu. lucu yah ^^
      Klo di indo lebih banyak lagi kali yah, tiap daerah punya makanan khas-day sendiri2 hehehe :p

  2. 30 buns? that would feed an army 500g almond paste? Likewise – wow. Almond paste is not the same as marzipan I am guessing is that right? The photo was so beautful i had to make them myself, although I had to minimise the amounts not sure who would eat 30 buns 🙂

    • Hahaha.. it’s only the size of normal cupcake. Not that big. And trust me, 500g almond paste is not that much. Because we want to be able to taste the filling as well 😉
      Almonds paste and marzipan are different.

      • oh well I made half turned out perfect, but find myself eating them for breakfast with strawberry jam and no butter and they are perfect!

    • Me too. But too much cream filling isn’t so good, too little also not good. It has to be lagom (Swedish people say) which mean so-so 😉

  3. -hi ridha – was looking through the reader and found your website again, and see youve changed your profile pic and , you werent wearing a headscarf on the last photo, almost didnt recognise you, i hope it’s ok to ask what led you to change the photo? curious to know best wishes Poli

    • Hi, Polianthus, although it’s unrelated to my blog but I’ll try to answer your question. I was born and grew up in a Muslim family, even though not a perfect one. It’s been a while since I want to wear a headscarf, but my heart was still half-half, so I decided to wear one after I had my birthday last January. And I just had a chance to take proper profile pic for the blog last weekend 🙂

      • 🙂 Hi Ridha – thanks for answering even though as you say it’s not related nor really relevant to your blog, I just immediately noticed the difference 🙂 – I am sure you probably get a lot of questions on this, off-line as well, the picture is such a statement that I was automatically curious All the best on making a decision you are happy with!

      • Surprisingly not that many questions, people around me just accept it like I have always wore a headscarf.. hehe.. 😀
        I hope it won’t let everyone to start avoiding me just because I’m now wearing a headscarf. Because I’m still me 😉

      • 🙂 that makes sense, of course, as you say it’s still you! I just noticed because on the other picture you look like you are jumping on the sofa in action, maybe my memory is cheating me, and on this one you look so still and demure. Just different externally thats all. Happy weekend Ridha, we are still making your semla by the way!

      • Really? But my previous photo was me holding my 3 tiers practice cake. And I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to jump on the sofa while holding a cake.. 😀
        Glad to hear that you really enjoying the semla buns 🙂

  4. 🙂 well maybe you are just very well balanced and can jump and hold a cake at the same time, was the practice cake a model ?? 🙂
    Happy Wednesday

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