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Banoffee (Banana Toffee) Pie

It’s weekeeeeeend!!! But the weather here is not so good. Snowing, foggy, cold, windy, you name it. And Alyzza is sick too. She got sick so often ever since she started her playgroup 😦 So I couldn’t go to do my weekly shopping in the big supermarket. Only the small one that is close to our flat. And this dessert is perfect for our situation now. Something sweet to treat your self and family but so simple and almost no work and mess. Trust me, you can make this pie in less than 15 minutes.

The first time I heard / tasted this when I was only 18 (aaawwwww 😳 ) and I was still a trainee chef in a hotel in Scotland. I was completely shocked when I found out you can actually make toffee from condensed milk. I never knew that. Usually I pour some milk on the bread for breakfast, for shaved ice, or even drink it just by adding some cold water. So I was really surprise and amazed. Ever since I fell in love with this dessert. It has everything I like in it 🙂

Now let me share this with you 🙂


3 ripe bananas

1 can condensed milk or ready toffee

10 to 15 digestive biscuits (preferably with chocolate on one side)

300 ml cream

25 grams melted butter

Cocoa powder

How to:

– Boil condensed milk in its can for 3 to 4 hours. Better to do this a night before you make the pie, so it has time to cool down.

– Crush the biscuits and mix well with melted butter. Put it on your pie dish, set it aside in the freezer for 5 minutes.

– Whisk the cream into stiff peak.

– Slice bananas into thin slices (well depending on how you like it).

– Take the pie bottom from the freezer, place the bananas evenly.

– Spread toffee on top of it (don’t bother to do it evenly, it will be a bit runny after a while).

– Then put cream on top and sprinkle cocoa powder. Serve cold.

note: I DO NOT recommend to substitute toffee with caramel and cream. It will have different taste.



  1. Ridha, ternyata chef ya? Pantes deh masakannya keyeen-keyeen semua. Kapan niy maen ke Aussie?… 😛

    • Mrs. D says

      Hehehe.. karena kangen kerja di dapur bareng banyak orang itulah makanya bikin blog inih.. 😳
      Hmmm… itu pertanyaan berat banget buat dijawab :p

  2. Thats great and so much better than mine. Well actually I still havent made banoffee pie – i’ve but bananas twice to make it but keep forgetting and they go off!

    • Mrs. D says

      Then maybe you should put a note to yourself somewhere that you have bananas and you want to make banoffee pie 😀

  3. Ridha pa kabar? Alyzza dah gede ya? Hugs ya. Btw took a glimpse at this recipe, keknya gampang banget y, Ridh. Tanya duonks, kalo biscuitnya kira2 merk apaan y? Biar crust gitu. Yg bisa didapet di indo gitu. Tenkiu ya…

    • Mrs. D says

      Alhamdulillah baik 🙂
      Emang gampang banget, De. Hmmm biskuit marie kayanya bisa deh. pokoknya yang modelnya gitu deh, klo bisa yang ada rasa coklatnya biar lebih maknyus. Good luck ya 🙂

  4. Oh wow! That looks AMAZING. I love the photography. I’ve never made a banoffee pie – I don’t think I’ve even ever eaten one. I must rectify this 😀

    • Mrs. D says

      Thank you 🙂
      Credit for photos are for my hubby though.
      Then you should give this a try. Very easy to make 🙂

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