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Happy Fettisdagen!!!

Happy fat tuesday everyone! According to my husband wikipedia, today is fettisdagen. And everyone supposed to eat lots and lots of semlor. A single semla contains so muuuuuch calory. Sweet bun, cream, super sweet almond paste, pastry crema. And put that together. You’ll get fat :p

Anyway, they sell semlor a bit cheaper today in supermarket. But since my hubby and I don’t like semlor, I made brownie instead (recipe coming soon) 🙂

If you don’t live in Sweden and want to try semla you can make it yourself. And you know where to find the recipe 😉

It’s here :p


Short post today. Brain doesn’t want to work :p

But I’ll try to come back again with new recipe tomorrow 🙂


Happy fat day! 🙂



  1. Viking Pink says

    Disini perayaan itu kemarin ( 20/2) namanya Bolludagur, bun day, mirip ama kue soes diisi whipped cream dan dikasih coklat leleh diatasnya, kalau hari ini Sprengidagur ( bursting day ) orang makan salted meat ( biasanya lamb ) sampai mo pingsan kekenyangan hehehhe

    • Mrs. D says

      kayanya setelah aku liat2 bukan cuman disini yang ngerayain fat tuesday yah… kirain sweden aja yang aneh hehehe..
      awwww.. sayang aku bukan penggemar lamb mba 😀

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