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Durian Pancake

Oooooh.. durian pancake… hmmm….

If you don’t know what durian is, you can check it here. Spiky outside but tasty instead. It reminds me of my hubby actually. Well, he’s not spiky but he doesn’t look that friendly and grumpy most of the time. But once you know him, he’s a really nice guy. I guess that’s why I decided to be his wife, because he’s taste like durian a very nice guy.

Actually I saw my friend’s picture when her husband bought her durian. And after that, I felt like eating durian too. Quite cheap, but frozen. But it’s nice too 😛 I couldn’t wait until it’s fully thawed, so I tried so many ways to open it and take the meat inside it. It tasted like durian ice cream, even my daughter liked it too. She kept coming back to me to ask for more. My poor hands were red, cold and hurt from the spikes 😛

Hubby tried this before in Indonesia, unfortunately we got bad durian. It didn’t taste very nice, so he didn’t like it. Beside it smells, hubby said. I was hoping he’d like the one he bought for me. Once again, he said he didn’t like it. Although it was VERY VERY nice. He doesn’t like fruits with soft consistency like avocado, banana, durian etc.

After I took out all the meat, I had 1 big tub full of durian meat. And only me eating it. So I have to do something with it so hubby will eat it too. Otherwise I’ll go crazy from eating so much durian 😛

Googled here and there, I found durian pancake almost in every result I got. Of course I had to try it, they looked nice and easy to make. And again… it tasted even better than just eating it like that.

You guess my hubby’s reaction when he tried the pancake. Na-ah, still didn’t like it 😦 let’s see the good part, all the pancakes are miiiiiine!!! 😀 😀 😀


500 grams durian meat

300 ml cream, whipped

1 tsp vanilla extract


How to:

– Mix all the ingredients, but don’t over mixed it. You want to have some durian bites too in it.

– Take 1 crepe, put some filling mixture in the midle, and then fold it nicely.

– You can of course eat them right away or you can chill it first 🙂

I can’t put the recipe for the crepes, since I took it from Ramsay’s book again. So it’s not nice of me to reveal so many recipes from his book in my blog. I don’t get paid or anything, but I suggest you to get that book. It’s a good book. Good to have it at home. Lots of easy recipes in it too.

But maybe you can use any crepe or think pancake’s recipe for it too. Just add some pandan essence and little bit green colouring to it. Then you’ll have durian pancake 🙂

Happy weekend! 🙂



    • Mrs. D says

      The pancake / crepe it self taste like normal pancake. Only the filling has durian in it. And its kin of difficult to hide the smell 😛

    • Thank you. I’ve never been to Malaysia my self, but I guess everything is pretty similar to Indonesia 🙂

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