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Foamy White and Chocolate Pudding

Sweet post today. Just another idea for your weekend treats.

I’ve been searching a foamy pudding to use up my egg whites. I often have them sitting for few days in the fridge because I like to make pastry cream or custard which only need the yolks. I’ve tried several recipes of this pudding, but none of them gave me a good result.

One day, my blog friend mama miyuki posted this recipe. Hers was like the best looking foamy pudding I’ve ever seen. Very promising. So of course I had to give it a try.

And the result waaaaaaas…. BIG SUCCESS!! Yaaaay!!

I did some changes for the sauce.


for white pudding

1 pack agar powder (12g)

40g caster sugar

500ml water

3 egg whites

for chocolate pudding

1 pack agar powder (12g)

40g caster sugar

500ml milk

1 tbsp cocoa powder

for the sauce

100ml milk

100ml cream

50g sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp corn flour


How to:

– For the white pudding, in a pot, add water, agar powder and sugar. Bring to boil and set aside.

– Whisk egg whites until stiff (hard peak).

– Pour agar mixture into the egg white, slowly. 1 ladle at a time, and make sure you whisk properly with hand whisk or hand mixer everytime you pour some hot agar mix.

– For the chocolate pudding, in a pot, add milk, agar powder, sugar and cocoa powder. And bring to boil, set aside.

– If you want to make the pudding like I did, just pour some of the mixture. Chill. And pour the other mixture. Chill again. Repeat the process. Otherwise you can just make 2 layers.

– For the sauce, bring everything to boil, stir and set aside.

– When the sauce is cold enough, you can pour some to the pudding. And grate some chocolate on top for decoration.



  1. Lovely photo – looks very time consuming too! 🙂 I’m always a little shy of anything to do with agar though. Always afraid it’s going to end up either too firm or a runny mess.

    • Ridha says

      Thanks so much. It wasn’t time consuming at all. Hmmm I think it was about 30mins only from preparing until you can enjoy the pudding. I know, I had those moments too 😀

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