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Summery Pavlova

Summer is here! And when we talk about summer fruits, berries always come first to my mind. And I think the easiest way to enjoy the summer fruits is by eating them with cream and meringue. I love when the sweetness from meringue and sourness from berries mixed together in my mouth.

Usually I only add a little bit of sugar in my cream, I don’t want the sweetness kills everything, so I wouldn’t be able to taste the fruits anymore.

Ever since the supermarkets here selling summer fruits with a reasonable price, I started to collect all the recipes I wanted to try. Everything just about summer fruits (mostly strawberry lol) 😛 Hubby isn’t a big fan of strawberry, but he had no choice. Eat what I made or no sweets / desserts after dinner 😀

Since the summer fruits are getting cheaper, I don’t want to miss the chance. So lately I only make fruit desserts. Chocolate and other things can wait until summer is gone.. hehehe… ^^


125g egg whites

250g caster sugar

10g corn flour

12.5ml hot water

1 tsp white wine vinegar (I used distilled vinegar)

300ml cream with 2 tbsp icing sugar, whipped

250g strawberry

125g raspberry

How to:

– Preheat your oven to 100C.

– Clean your bowl and whisk with vinegar. Mix sugar and corn flour.

– Add egg whites to the bowl and whisk until it form soft peak.

– Start adding sugar, 1 tbsp at a time until your finish all the sugar.

-Add hot water and vinegar. To check if your meringue ready or not, even if you put the bowl up side down over your head, the egg white won’t fall. That’s the way you know its ready.

– On a baking paper, divide the mixture into two, then make a big round. Bake in 100C for 1 hour.



  1. Beautiful! I also love pavlova, it reminds me of summer in Australia.
    I love what you said about your husband – my husband doesn’t get a choice what we eat either!! 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂
      You can’t always please the crowd, right? Sometimes I just want to treat my self too.. 😉

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