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Budget Sushi

Sushi is one of hubby’s favourite meal. He can eat lots of them. But if you like to eat sushi, you must know that sushi are expensive. Since seafoods are expensive. And you want to get a fresh and premium topping to get a nice sushi. And I’m a very budgety person, if I can substitute the ingredients with similar taste but cheaper, then why not? ๐Ÿ˜€

So I did change the topping / filling. That’s why I called this budges sushi.

Actually before I met hubby, I didn’t like sushi at all. But then we met, he used to eat a budget sushi that sold in one of big supermarket. Of course the supermarket didn’t use fresh seafood. Instead they use ย canned tuna, cooked prawns and some of them even only with paprika and cucumber filling. From then I started to like sushi. My favourite is the one with tofu pocket. I like that one a looooot, definitely, no doubts! ๐Ÿ˜›

The first time I made sushi was with one of my best friend who made this gnocchi with smoked mackerel. We were so happy with the results and it was lots of sushi. And hubby (boyfriend that time) got to taste some too.

There’s one Japanese cooking show that I like to watch. It’s called Cooking with Dog. I like their show a lot. It has been a while since they post a new video. But I watched all of their videos.

Even though I’m Indonesian, doesn’t mean I cook Indonesian food a lot. When I was working as a chef, it kind of pushed me not to stuck with just one type of food (you know what mean). I started to cook lots of different foods from lots of countries ever since. And Japanese food is in it too. And luckily hubby also the type who wants to try anything and he always eat what I cooked ^.^

Sorry that no recipe in this post. But you can head over to Cooking with Dog videos. I took the recipe from there.

Do you like sushi? Which one is your favourite?



  1. blessedfin says

    Hey I Love watching cooking with dogs too ! hehehe.. lucu banget anjingnya.. boleh dicoba deh ini..

    • Hehehe.. iya. Klo dirumah ya sanggupnya bikin budget sushi aja. Klo mau yang beneran baru makan diluar ^^

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