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Just an Announcement

Ehm ehm…

So dusty around here *coughcough*…

How long has it been since my last post?  4 months or something?

Sorry I left this blog abandon for so long. I promise I have a good reason for that.

So what have I done in the past weeks? What happened?

This might be able to answer the questions 🙂

Big sister

Yes! Another addition in our family!


Well…. Sometime in the end of June, just a couple of days after my fifth wedding anniversary with the husband we found out that we’re expecting another family member. Turned out it was already 6 weeks old. And 3 days after that “it” started to hit me. The sickness. I was so sick and tired and no energy to do anything for about 3 months or so. And kitchen is the least place I want to be in around the house. Husband had to take care most of the house chores. Dishes, tidying and cleaning the house, grocery shopping and even make simple foods for us when he gets home from work.


How did we find out?

In the same week before we found out about it, husband took a week of from work and we had a small summer holiday. We went to theme park, and Denmark. Strangely I craved for chocolate bars. I kept eating and eating so husband asked “why are you eating so much chocolate? so weird.. are you pregnant?”. (And that was the very first question from my husband asking me if I’m pregnant even when I don’t notice any changes in my own body).

I didn’t think about it that much since I stopped counting the ovulation date and stuffs. And I have irregular period to begin with, so I didn’t really care much about a week or 2 late. And so the next morning I used my cheap pregnancy test, and it turned out negative. I wasn’t that disappointed since I didn’t really expect anything. So I threw the test. Few minutes later, I checked the bin and the test again (I always do that) 😛 and there was a faint second line appeared.

I was speechless. Husband and daughter were still sleeping that time. I left the test in the bathroom and back to the bed. Waiting for my husband to wake up and tell him the news.

After I told him, we still unsure that I might already be pregnant. And he suggested me to wait another week to do another test.

It’s not me if I always listen to my husband (not all the time though) :P. Didn’t want to wait another week, I took another test the next morning (this time with the fancy slightly expensive digital ones). While waiting nervously with shaky hand for 2 minutes, finally it says that I’m pregnant, and then wait another minute another text appeared, +3weeks.

And no, I didn’t just believe it right away. Took me a while.

Husband didn’t say much about it either (he didn’t say much when we found out we were expecting Alyzza before either, but now they’re like love birds :P) Even though I know he was happy too, because we’ve been waiting for almost a year for this baby. And it came just when me and husband didn’t prepare any presents for our anniversary. What a bless!


So there you go. I tried to keep it simple since this is a food blog. At least now you know why I left the blog for a while.

I’m not completely “normal” yet, but I hope I’ll have more energy to write once in a while now 🙂

Big sister

p.s. Alyzza still not sure if she wants a sister or brother (we’ll find out when the baby is born). She keeps changing her mind. But she’s happy that she’s going to be a big sister soon 🙂

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A mother from two pretty girls and wife from an awesome man. This is the place where I gather all the recipes I've tried in my kitchen. I might occasionally share my other interest beside baking and cooking.


  1. Hello!

    I only just found your blog as I was searching on how to make Bakso (making it with Kangaroo tonight!). But I just wanted to say, I LOVE your blog and Indonesian food. So much I am going to have to try! My husband is Indonesian and I am bule but love Indonesia (studied for 10 years).

    Semoga pregnancynya lancar ya,

    • Oooh, that sounds super exotic (Kangaroo bakso) 😀
      Nice… There are tons of recipes I haven’t tried either. Too many Indonesian foods (if you know what I mean).

      Terima kasih, Samantha (Samiati) 🙂

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