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Watermelon Fizz (Non-Alcoholic)

Good morning from almost-everyday-is-a-grey-day Gothenburg. We can definitely feel that autumn is here. My favourite season. It’s pretty, cozy and there’s something magical about autumn. I’m going to share super easy drink for summer (sigh, yes, for summer, next year hopefully). Well, I’ve made the drink here a while back ago. As you can see, the photos are slightly unusual. It’s dark and look kind of dramatic. That was the reason it never made it to the blog, because I didn’t like the result that much. And so it ended up in the computer file, forgotten and abandoned. Until, one day the theme from a photography group I joined with in instagram was a drink. The only drink I have in this blog is this passion fruit drink. Β And then I suddenly remembered I have made this watermelon fizz long long time ago πŸ˜› So I searched for the photos and found them. And when I looked at them, they don’t look that bad anymore πŸ˜› Or maybe my food photos taste changed a little …

passion fruit syrup

Passion Fruit Syrup

As some of you know that it’s that time of the year again, where Muslims is celebrating the holy month by fasting for the whole month. Ramadan this year is during summer which make the fasting time longer. Another 20 hours fasting this year. But for some reason (if you eat food packed with good stuffs for the body and if God wills) it’s not that hard. Even for me that still breastfeed my daughter. Yes, I get tired easier but that’s just normal because I can’t eat or drink anything during the day. But hey, it’s only one month every year and I can eat or drink whatever and whenever I want for 11 months πŸ˜‰ With this I just want to say happy fasting to all of my Muslim readers πŸ™‚ Anyway, this recipe is unplanned. The other day there was an offer for passion fruit. They cost only 1 SEK for 1 fruit. Usually they cost around 3 or 4 SEK / fruit. Of course I have to buy some, even though …