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Ox tail soup

Sop Buntut (Oxtail Soup)

So where have I been again? Abandoned the blog for more than a week. I got chicken pox. Yes, in my age. Yikes! How embarrassing! Started with fever for 3 days and then one morning when I woke up my face already covered by rashes and blisters. No wonder the night before I couldn’t sleep from itch all over my face and head. Woke up every one hour from the itch attack. It wasn’t nice at all. Didn’t want to look at the mirror for a few days because I looked scary. How bad was it? Well, my husband had to stay 4 days from work to look after his girls (me and daughter), luckily we had a long weekend last week from Easter. He had to cook and clean while I was just staying in bed. Not much energy and useless. Also, last Sunday my husband’s grandma visited us. And she saw my photo (the one I use for my profile photo in about section on the right) and asked if it was me. …


Tilapia in Spicy Sauce and Spiced Yellow Broth

There’ll be two recipes in this post. One made by me and the other one made by my younger sister. These are the recipes from when I was in Indonesia. I wrote about it in the post here. I always find it slightly tricky to cook spicy foods at home. Because my daughter can’t eat spicy food (obviously) and husband prefers something not spicy too. At the end if I want to cook something spicy it’ll only be for me. And to be honest, I don’t really like cooking for my self. So the only option is having chilli sauce ready all the time.

cap cay

Cap Cay (Stir-fry Vegetable)

It’s a short post today. Apparently my brain doesn’t work very well when my stomach is empty πŸ˜› Cap cay is one of dish you buy easily everywhere in Indonesia. It is one of my choice when I feel lazy. And it was also my favourite dinner when I’m in a diet mode because it’s healthy. And I just ate it like that with no rice. Only vegetable and protein of your choice. It is very easy to make. And I often changed the ingredients depending on what I have in the fridge. If you noticed this recipe is actually very similar with my crunchy noodle recipe. And I also use bakso here, that’s why I always make lots and freeze them. I can add bakso to fried noodle, fried rice, cap cay, etc. Ingredients: 2 medium size carrots, sliced 1 head of cauliflower, cut 50g green bean, sliced 10 bakso balls, sliced 10 big prawns, cleaned 2 stalks spring onion, sliced 3 garlic cloves, crushed 2 tbsp corn flour water oil salt & pepper …


Potato Croquettes

A very short post today. This is another proof that I’m a lazy cook. Actually I wanted to make risoles when I made the filling for this croquette. But since I was too lazy to make the wrap, I decided to mash all the potatoes and made them into potato croquettes instead. The filling is exactly the same like risoles filling (without potatoes) you can double the meat too if you like.   Ingredients: 1 kg potatoes, mashed risoles filling 1 egg 2 tbsp all purpose flour breadcrumbs   How to: Divide the potatoes into 6 to 8 equal pieces (or depending on how big you want). Form each piece into a ball, flatten it then place some filling in the middle of the potato. Carefully cover the filling with mashed potato and form into a long cylinder. Set aside. Repeat the process. Let the croquettes rest in the fridge for at least 1 hour. Prepare flour, egg and breadcrumb for coating. Take 1 potato cylinder and roll onto the flour then the egg then …

Home made noodle

Hand-cut Noodles

Inspired from one of Maangchi’s video. I wanted to make my own home made noodle too. And this is my problem, why every time I watch a tutorial or cooking video, they always making it look so easy to do? But when I have to do it my self, it takes longer and not as easy as it looked in the video. This noodle is one of the example. I didn’t use any machine here, only by hands. And it took me a while until I get the right consistency and texture. Not a good experience to make more homemade noodle in the future. Or maybe next time I’ll just use machine to make the dough πŸ˜€   Anyway, the result was a very nice and chewy noodle. Definitely taste better than store bought instant egg noodle. The only bad point for me is I couldn’t keep the uncooked noodle in the fridge over night. Even though I already put lots of flour to prevent the noodles from sticking to each other. So the best …

Sambel goreng hati

Sambal Goreng Hati

Sambal = chilli sauce Goreng = fry Hati = liver Gosh… Last week has been really bad for me. My daughter had high fever Monday and Tuesday, and finally had her energy back on Wednesday. However, my head started to feel a bit heavy and very tired too but still managed to clean and tidy the house a bit. Then in the afternoon (the same day) I officially got fever too, so I was laying down pretty much for the rest of the day. On Thursday, husband had a bit fever too so he stayed home from work. Daughter didn’t get her fever back but looked worse than Wednesday. So she slept pretty much all day too. I felt a bit better and I had to feel better because I had to do a cake for my friend which she’ll pick up on Friday. And I had to sit almost 6 hours in the kitchen with heavy head and very tired body but managed to finish the cake that day. On Friday, my daughter felt …

kari ayam

Chicken Curry

UPDATE Learn Indonesian ^^ Chicken = ayam Curry = kari Chicken curry = kari ayam Ga kerasa udah seminggu yang lalu Β saya posting resep roti jala. Maaf ya harus nunggu lama. Karena kebetulan wiken kemaren jatahnya belanja 2 mingguan dan harus nyetok freezer lagi sama makanan yang diap saji (bikin sendiri terus dibekuin). Alhasil keburu teler duluan dan si kecil juga tiba-tiba demam (lagi) mulai minggu malem. Karena hari ini cuma update post, jadi bisa disempet-sempetin karena ga perlu nulis resep yang berbahasa Inggris lagi. Udah pada tau dong ya kari ayam, buanyak banget versinya. Nah yang ini versi saya dan yang ini saya tabambahin gori (nangka muda) biar sekalian ada sayurnya juga. Ketahuan malesnya ya.. hehehe… Oke deh langsung aja resepnya ya. Bahan: 1 kg ayam 1 kaleng (400ml) Β santan 2 cabe merah 3 siung bawang putih 1 bawang merah panjang 2 buah serai 3cm lengkuas 4 kemiri 2 lembar daun jeruk 2 lembar daun salam 1 sdt ketumbar bubuk 1 sdt kunyit bubuk Cara Membuat: Haluskan semua rempah (kecuali serai, lengkuas, daun jeruk …

roti jala

Roti Jala (Net Bread)

Scroll down for English Β πŸ™‚   Akhirnya, setelah sekian lama agak ngiri sama temen-temen blogger Indonesia yang lain yang bisa eksis walopun blognya pake bahasa Indonesia sekarang mutusin untuk nulis blog ini dalam dua bahasa. Yup! Pastinya nambah kerjaan lagi (itu pasti) tapi pengeeeen banget bisa sedikit cerita-cerita pake bahasa ibu dan sering kali kalo nulis pake bahasa Inggris jadi ga puas gitu ceritanya. So, semoga mulai sekarang saya bisa konsisten nulis blog ini pake dua bahasa ya πŸ™‚ β™₯β™₯β™₯ Ga kerasa udah bulan Februari aja nih, kemana si Januari perginya ya? Hiks…. Cepetan dateng lagi ya…. Jangan lama-lama perginya… Kali ini saya lagi mood masak-masak nih, makanya bikin menu lengkap. Roti jala, Kari ayam sama Sambel goreng ati. Hmmm… nyam nyam nyam.. Tapi tentunya ketiga resep itu harus dibagi-bagi di beberapa post dong. Biar ga bingung (padahal males nulis panjang-panjang) hehehe.. Setelah beberapa kali googling resep roti jala ini, akhirnya “nyontek” resep blog negara tetangga. Ternyata gampang banget bikinnya. Mirip banget sama crepe / pancake / kulit lumpia. Cocok banget dimakan sama kari ayam …