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Mushroom-Shaped Bread

Morning ^^ Two weeks left until 2017. And this blog will reborn. Yay! Just a short post today. I want to share the latest trend (again) in Indonesia. This time is mushroom shaped bread. It supposed to look like shiitake mushroom. I’m not sure I did a good job or not here though. For the buns I used the recipe from here and for the top it’s only 5 tsp rice flour, 5 tsp cocoa powder, 5 tbsp water. Mix everything together and brush it on to the buns before the second proofing (after you shaped them into a ball). For the filling I’m just filling them with some chocolate, you can also make it plain if you want.   Until next time ^^


Thick Crust Pizza

Just a short post today. I’m sure most of you know how to make pizza already. I have a few recipes in this blog too. But I think I always make them with thin crust. So this time I’m sharing a thick crust one. Actually this type of pizza is more common in Indonesia compare to thin crust. I think one of my high school friend who owns a bakery now ever told me that he tried to sell thin crust pizza (yes, bakery sells mini pizza like this with only sausage and ketchup or something as the toppings, I’m not sure) and the customers were like “what happened to the bread? why is it so thin?” πŸ˜€ and since then he never sells thin crust pizza anymore. Maybe it’s my Asian tongue or I don’t know but I prefers thick crust too. And after looking at some thick crust pizza sold by some of my friends (some of my high school friends have their own business now), I felt like making one too. So …


Bagelen (Sweet Dried Bread)

Good Morning ^^ I’m sharing another snack that I like. I know, I like snacking. A lot. Sigh. But before we go to the recipe, I want to announce something first. I’ve been thinking for a while about this, and I think I will start writing this blog in Bahasa Indonesia instead of English. Starting from next year. Simply because sometimes Indonesian jokes aren’t that funny when I’m trying to translate them in English. And also so I can enjoy writing in this blog more. But don’t worry, I will still make the recipe card in English too. Because when I started this blog, my purpose was to introduce Indonesian foods to non Indonesian people. So I will still continue to do so. Maybe in some countries Indonesian foods are famous, but in most countries not so much. At least not as big as Chinese, Japanese, Indian and now Korean. It makes me sad a little bit, because Indonesia is a big country too and we have soooooo many delicious foods. And depending on which …


Cinnamon Buns Day

Hi, Everyone! I’ve been away for a while again. But if you’re following my instagram, you know I’m still making stuffs, I just don’t post them here. I just want to stop by here to make a quick post and of course to say hi to all of you. TodayΒ Sweden celebratingΒ Cinnamon buns day. Cinnamon buns (Kanelbullar) are kind a big deal here. You can buy it anywhere really but I don’t like like store bought ones, the main reason is it contains cardamom seeds in it. I don’t hate cardamom, I just prefer my bread without them. I’ve shared the recipe here long long time ago. I just shaped them differently this time. And also, I took the photos for this post with my phone. I’m sorry for the bad quality. Was too lazy to set up the flash and other things because it was very late already. Well, anyway I have to get back at my daily duty here. My family has been sick (we’re taking turns) and the house chores are piling up. …

sweet potato doughnuts

Sweet Potato Doughnuts

Cold Monday here. How was your weekend / holiday? I spent mine at my mum-in-law’s place for a few days. Always nice to go there. Her house is in the middle of forest (almost). Very quiet and nice. Today I want to share another doughnut recipe. I’ve posted some before like old fashioned doughnuts, potato doughnuts also baked doughnuts. But doughnut is always all time favourite sweet treat, so it’s never enough with just 1 recipe. The difference with the previous recipes I’ve posted is that this one is fluffy and light but a bit heavy at the same time. Difficult to explain. I think because the amount of sweet potato in it and less egg yolk compare to potato doughnut. It also has a sweetness that you can only get from sweet potato minus the smell. Worth to try in my opinion. A little bit twist, I baked these doughnuts. So they’re not oily and greasy. I get the recipe from my all time favourite Indonesian blogger, you can see her blog here. Even …

Strawberry cake

Snapshots from Ridha’s Kitchen

Hello December, hello everyone! It’s pretty much a dead blog is it not? Please blame it on my pregnancy hormones. They make my brain slower, mood swings, not to mention other unexpected things. This time is definitely slightly more difficult compare to my first pregnancy. Just hoping I won’t have a slightly more difficult delivery too. Anyway, I really am sorry for letting the blog abandoned like this for long time now. Even though we still have around 11 weeks until our new family member arrives, but I’ve been reading a lot about baby stuffs than I ever did with our first daughter (long story). I spent around a week (for one item) doing research and reading reviews and everything before deciding on which one to buy. That’s how I spent my time in front of computer lately (more like on my tablet and lay down on the bed, I dislike sitting in front of computer since being pregnant). I actually have tried out so many new recipes (mostly Indonesian foods and snacks). But I …