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Bagelen (Sweet Dried Bread)

Good Morning ^^ I’m sharing another snack that I like. I know, I like snacking. A lot. Sigh. But before we go to the recipe, I want to announce something first. I’ve been thinking for a while about this, and I think I will start writing this blog in Bahasa Indonesia instead of English. Starting from next year. Simply because sometimes Indonesian jokes aren’t that funny when I’m trying to translate them in English. And also so I can enjoy writing in this blog more. But don’t worry, I will still make the recipe card in English too. Because when I started this blog, my purpose was to introduce Indonesian foods to non Indonesian people. So I will still continue to do so. Maybe in some countries Indonesian foods are famous, but in most countries not so much. At least not as big as Chinese, Japanese, Indian and now Korean. It makes me sad a little bit, because Indonesia is a big country too and we have soooooo many delicious foods. And depending on which …


Terang Bulan / Martabak Manis

Morning Monday ^^ I’m sharing with you Indonesian pancake again today. Just because I feel like it. I love all kind of pancake. Thick or thin doesn’t matter for me. But this one is the one I love the most. I’ve shared the recipe before here. I used the exact same recipe. Use a very low heat when you cook it, to avoid burn at the bottom and raw on top.     Stay warm and until next time πŸ™‚


Green Egg Noodle

Morning morning ^^ We had snow yesterday, but it didn’t last very long since the temperature isn’t cold enough yet. Very wet. It was like autumn the day before yesterday and in a night turned into winter. Kind of crazy. Lately I’ve been obsessed with homemade noodle, especially when I’m making mie ayam, I still haven’t found the prefect store-bought noodle for it yet. And for me personally mie ayam is all about the noodle (the chicken too of course) but if it has a good noodle even with just a simple chicken with soy sauce will do. It was a lot of work before, when I didn’t have the pasta maker yet. I had to roll the dough with rolling pin (wasn’t an easy job to get the dough as thin as I want) but since I bought the pasta maker, making noodle is so easy and quick (just a bit messy, still :P). You can see my hand cut noodle here and purple noodle here. I use the recipe from this Indonesian blog, …


Pisang Molen (Just Another Banana Fritters)

As a tropical country, Indonesia (just like other tropical countries) has a lot of different snacks made from banana. But mostly either for snack or dessert. And today I’m going to share of one my favourite (from many) banana snacks. I’m not really sure how to translate this snack in English though. That’s why I just write “just another banana fritters” because it is banana fritter just different style. The dough is very crispy even when it’s cold already. As long as you don’t keep them in the fridge. Because then it will be soggy. Actually one of my goal for this blog is to share with all of you some of my favourite banana snacks. But Indonesian these days are very creative, they keep making something new I can’t keep up. Everytime I’m in Indonesia for holiday there are always something new to try. Very creative people, I envy them. For this recipe I took it from this blog here. And some of other banana recipes I’ve made before: turnover-ish,Β easy banana dessert, banoffee, cakeΒ and …


Nasi Uduk

Warning: It’s a long post. At least longer than usual πŸ˜› Nasi Uduk is rice with coconut milk and served with at least 3 different types of side dishes. It’s pretty similar with Nasi Lemak from Malaysia. And Indonesian Yellow Rice (except that this is not yellow). Here you can see I have 5 different side dishes. I can say that this one is pretty complete for Nasi Uduk. Only missing crackers (due too laziness of using too much oil just to make crackers). Unfortunately I can’t really share the complete recipe for this food. The Kering Teri Kacang is from my grandma. She sent it to me all the way from her city (my dad moved far away from his hometown) And the city she lives in, it called Medan, it has the best tiny dried anchovy for this kind of side dish. It’s not easy to get them in another city in Indonesia, even if you can find them, they’re more expensive. It’s very precious for me here in Sweden. I can eat …

Terang bulan

Terang Bulan (Indonesian Pancake Balls) again!

It’s Friyay! Very grey here though. Hopefully we’ll get some sun in the weekend because me and some of my Indonesian friends are planning to have a picnic on Sunday as well as a farewell party for a friend who’ll go back to Indonesia on Monday πŸ˜₯ Anyway, if you’re following my blog, I’ve shared the recipe for Indonesian pancake here. I’ve been using that recipe until I found this one. And never go back again since then. You see, the best way to cook Indonesian pancake is by using iron pan. Or any thick pan. And with low heat. Because our pancake is pretty thick compare to other pancakes. And by using thick pan, it will cook evenly. If you use normal non stick pan, the most common thing will happen is that the bottom will be super dark but the top will still be wet. So thick pan will make it cook evenly and will give it a nice golden brown colour. This time I was experimenting with new pan. Got it from …


Welcome Back!

Welcome Back to me! It has been sooooo long since I had the will to write anything here. That’s why I want to give this blog a new life and fresh start again. Noticed the changes in blog? A cleaner and simple theme this time. Love it a lot! I don’t really know what’s going on in the blogging world now. What’s the trend and other stuffs. I’ll have to find that out by more blog walking I guess πŸ˜‰ So, how am I doing for the last 11 months? Thanks God I’m fine, as well as my husband and udaughters. To be honest, there weren’t very many exciting stuffs, except that we went to visit my family in Indonesia again last February for 8 weeks. And we came back a month ago. Always nice to be around everyone I love. Meeting my friends and their kids. Already 10 years since I graduated from high school. That’s crazy! Can’t believe it. This is the first post after a long break and I already don’t know …

Blueberry jcc1

Learn From Your Mistakes

You know… I often change some stuffs here and there in most of my recipes. Mostly foods though. Today’s post is about those foods that I’m not entirely satisfy with. But I still want to share them with you, and tell you what’s wrong with them. To some of you, they might look ok but I’m just not happy enough. The first one we’re going to talk about is this Japanese Cheesecake with Blueberry Compote. I’ve made this a while back, when it was still baking in the oven, it looked really good but when I took it out, it started to shrink and form a wrinkle ring around the cake (as you can see in the photo below). The cake it self (without the compote) tasted really nice. Very soft, moist and fluffy and not too sweet (just how I like it). As for the compote, I didn’t take enough time to make it, that’s why it looks grainy (I added a little bit of agar powder). Next time, I’ll take my time to …

bolkus ketan hitam1

Black Glutinous Rice Steamed Cake

A short post today. Before we talk about the post, I want to say happy new year to all of you! I know it’s late but better than nothing. And also this is my very first post for this year. Hopefully it’ll be a good year Β πŸ™‚ (I know it will, at least for us, because our additional family member will be here next month!) Now about the recipe πŸ˜‰ If you’re following my instagram, you must have seen this cake in my instagram. I was craving for them and luckily I still have a little bit of black glutinous rice flour and enough to make 1/2 of the recipe. Glutinous rice is a sticky rice, read more here. The white one doesn’t taste much, the black one however has a signature taste (in a good way). You can also use the white glutinous rice flour to make this cake if you can’t find the black ones. And it’s gluten free too πŸ˜‰ In this post, I also include the Indonesian version of the recipe. …

Strawberry cake

Snapshots from Ridha’s Kitchen

Hello December, hello everyone! It’s pretty much a dead blog is it not? Please blame it on my pregnancy hormones. They make my brain slower, mood swings, not to mention other unexpected things. This time is definitely slightly more difficult compare to my first pregnancy. Just hoping I won’t have a slightly more difficult delivery too. Anyway, I really am sorry for letting the blog abandoned like this for long time now. Even though we still have around 11 weeks until our new family member arrives, but I’ve been reading a lot about baby stuffs than I ever did with our first daughter (long story). I spent around a week (for one item) doing research and reading reviews and everything before deciding on which one to buy. That’s how I spent my time in front of computer lately (more like on my tablet and lay down on the bed, I dislike sitting in front of computer since being pregnant). I actually have tried out so many new recipes (mostly Indonesian foods and snacks). But I …