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Bagelen (Sweet Dried Bread)

Good Morning ^^ I’m sharing another snack that I like. I know, I like snacking. A lot. Sigh. But before we go to the recipe, I want to announce something first. I’ve been thinking for a while about this, and I think I will start writing this blog in Bahasa Indonesia instead of English. Starting from next year. Simply because sometimes Indonesian jokes aren’t that funny when I’m trying to translate them in English. And also so I can enjoy writing in this blog more. But don’t worry, I will still make the recipe card in English too. Because when I started this blog, my purpose was to introduce Indonesian foods to non Indonesian people. So I will still continue to do so. Maybe in some countries Indonesian foods are famous, but in most countries not so much. At least not as big as Chinese, Japanese, Indian and now Korean. It makes me sad a little bit, because Indonesia is a big country too and we have soooooo many delicious foods. And depending on which …


Terang Bulan / Martabak Manis

Morning Monday ^^ I’m sharing with you Indonesian pancake again today. Just because I feel like it. I love all kind of pancake. Thick or thin doesn’t matter for me. But this one is the one I love the most. I’ve shared the recipe before here. I used the exact same recipe. Use a very low heat when you cook it, to avoid burn at the bottom and raw on top.     Stay warm and until next time πŸ™‚


Peach Galette

Tuesday is my favourite school day (not sure if I’ve mentioned this before) because my daughter’s school starts at 9.40 every tuesday. That give us plenty of time to enjoy breakfast and getting ready. And also writing a blog post πŸ˜€ I know peach is a summer fruit but I made this back in late September. And why I just posted this now? Because the photos were “lost” in the camera. I just found them few days ago and edited them right away. Since I have some other things to do today, I’ll go straight to the recipe. I used the recipe from here. And modified it a little bit. Until next time ^^  


Watermelon Fizz (Non-Alcoholic)

Good morning from almost-everyday-is-a-grey-day Gothenburg. We can definitely feel that autumn is here. My favourite season. It’s pretty, cozy and there’s something magical about autumn. I’m going to share super easy drink for summer (sigh, yes, for summer, next year hopefully). Well, I’ve made the drink here a while back ago. As you can see, the photos are slightly unusual. It’s dark and look kind of dramatic. That was the reason it never made it to the blog, because I didn’t like the result that much. And so it ended up in the computer file, forgotten and abandoned. Until, one day the theme from a photography group I joined with in instagram was a drink. The only drink I have in this blog is this passion fruit drink. Β And then I suddenly remembered I have made this watermelon fizz long long time ago πŸ˜› So I searched for the photos and found them. And when I looked at them, they don’t look that bad anymore πŸ˜› Or maybe my food photos taste changed a little …


Havrebollar (Chokladbollar)

Havrebollar or Chokladbollar is one of Swedish classic sweets. I usually prefer the name Havrebollar since it means oat balls, not exactly chocolate balls. Β And these balls main ingredient is rolled oat. This sweet also one the most requested food from my husband and he doesn’t request for a specific food or sweet that often. I could probably count how many times he asked me to make something for him ever since we were married over 7 years ago. It is now one of my to go sweet for husband since it doesn’t require oven or big machine. Very quick to make too. But I always at least double the recipe, sometimes triple it. They’re gone pretty quick if I just make 1 recipe πŸ˜€ I’m using pearl sugar to cover the balls here, but it might be difficult to find if you don’t live in Scandinavian countries. You can use coconut flakes instead (store bought havrebollar usually use coconut flakes too). I supposed you could add some chopped nuts in it too if you …


Pisang Molen (Just Another Banana Fritters)

As a tropical country, Indonesia (just like other tropical countries) has a lot of different snacks made from banana. But mostly either for snack or dessert. And today I’m going to share of one my favourite (from many) banana snacks. I’m not really sure how to translate this snack in English though. That’s why I just write “just another banana fritters” because it is banana fritter just different style. The dough is very crispy even when it’s cold already. As long as you don’t keep them in the fridge. Because then it will be soggy. Actually one of my goal for this blog is to share with all of you some of my favourite banana snacks. But Indonesian these days are very creative, they keep making something new I can’t keep up. Everytime I’m in Indonesia for holiday there are always something new to try. Very creative people, I envy them. For this recipe I took it from this blog here. And some of other banana recipes I’ve made before: turnover-ish,Β easy banana dessert, banoffee, cakeΒ and …

passion fruit syrup

Passion Fruit Syrup

As some of you know that it’s that time of the year again, where Muslims is celebrating the holy month by fasting for the whole month. Ramadan this year is during summer which make the fasting time longer. Another 20 hours fasting this year. But for some reason (if you eat food packed with good stuffs for the body and if God wills) it’s not that hard. Even for me that still breastfeed my daughter. Yes, I get tired easier but that’s just normal because I can’t eat or drink anything during the day. But hey, it’s only one month every year and I can eat or drink whatever and whenever I want for 11 months πŸ˜‰ With this I just want to say happy fasting to all of my Muslim readers πŸ™‚ Anyway, this recipe is unplanned. The other day there was an offer for passion fruit. They cost only 1 SEK for 1 fruit. Usually they cost around 3 or 4 SEK / fruit. Of course I have to buy some, even though …

chocolate cake1

Super Easy Eggless Chocolate Cake

It was Mother’s Day in Sweden last Sunday. And I made this cake here for me, because I’m a mother too, obviously and both my daughter are still too tiny to make me anything edible (duh!) πŸ˜› But I got a giant MOM mug and pills of love from them (well, they were from husband of course, but let’s take it as their presents) πŸ˜€ There was some funny moments when my eldest daughter gave the presents to me though. She came running to the kitchen when I was doing some stuffs and then she said, “Bunda –(it’s Indonesian for mother, and what my daughters call me)–, Pappa got you a surprise!” Then hubby was like, “No, it’s a present from you and Eira –(my baby daughter)– not from Pappa”, he said. And then Alyzza looked confuse and said, “Oh yeah, from me” with a big grin on her cheeky face. Pretending to look a bit surprise I asked her where did she get the money to buy me presents because I haven’t given her …

Terang bulan

Terang Bulan (Indonesian Pancake Balls) again!

It’s Friyay! Very grey here though. Hopefully we’ll get some sun in the weekend because me and some of my Indonesian friends are planning to have a picnic on Sunday as well as a farewell party for a friend who’ll go back to Indonesia on Monday πŸ˜₯ Anyway, if you’re following my blog, I’ve shared the recipe for Indonesian pancake here. I’ve been using that recipe until I found this one. And never go back again since then. You see, the best way to cook Indonesian pancake is by using iron pan. Or any thick pan. And with low heat. Because our pancake is pretty thick compare to other pancakes. And by using thick pan, it will cook evenly. If you use normal non stick pan, the most common thing will happen is that the bottom will be super dark but the top will still be wet. So thick pan will make it cook evenly and will give it a nice golden brown colour. This time I was experimenting with new pan. Got it from …

oreo cheesecake

No-Bake Oreo Cheesecake

Yohooo!!! Morning morning! Today is sunny here just a little bit colder than yesterday. Summer is coming all of a sudden from last week. Before that it was still end of winter. We skipped spring here. The cherry blossoms didn’t last very long. Not even a week because of the sudden heat. Light and refreshing sweets is the best in the summer. We’re not a big fan of cheesecake in this house but there was an offer from cream cheese. As a typical housewife, what can I do when I see weekly offer? πŸ˜› So I took 2 packs of cream cheese without knowing what will I do with them. Just at the right time, my eldest daughter asked for oreo when we did our grocery shopping. Later at home, I thought about oreo cheesecake will be nice for our dessert in the weekend. But I prefer no bake cheesecake. While looking for ideas in pinterest I found this cute cheesecake from a blogger I’m following. Bakers Royale. I love love love pretty much all …